Creator. Innovator. Changemaker.

Zaynah is studying Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

She has worked with and been supported by companies like OPS, CIBC, TD, Deloitte, and Microsoft. Zaynah has been speaking at leading conferences globally including in Dubai, Poland, Toronto, San Francisco, and more. She is also a huge advocate for women and girls in technology, and speaks to many girls to inspire them to pursue their interests in a science or tech field.


In the News

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Speaking Engagements

TEDx Talk | Solving Global Problems Using Emerging Technologies

Zaynah talks about her experience spending a week at a girls orphanage in India and how this motivated her to think about ways we can use emerging technologies to solve global problems.

C2 Montreal Keynote | Exploring Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

In this keynote in front of over 4000 people, Zaynah talks about her experience working with artificial intelligence, showcases her projects, and dives into the subfield of computer vision.

YPO Montreal | Connecting Artificial Intelligence and Other Exponential Technologies

Zaynah believes that the full power of artificial intelligence can only be unlocked when we explore the intersections of AI with other exponential technologies including quantum computing and VR.



Falls are the #1 cause of fatal injuries for older adults in Canada. Longevitii leverages technology to predict and prevent falls from occuring.


Communication is the top skill employers look for. Using VR and AI, Articulate is helping students and employees improve their oratory skills.


Vital improves the experience of teaching students about human body systems. Through augmented reality, Vital provides a more engaging way of learning.

Zaynah enjoys . . .


Zaynah is a mentor to women and girls in the areas of STEM. Zaynah regularly shares her time and knowledge through speaking at conferences and events and conducting one-on-one sessions. Zaynah also does reverse-mentoring, where she mentors executives in the areas of emerging technologies and marketing.


Zaynah enjoys music and has been learning Indian classical singing from a very young age. Zaynah plays a number of instruments including piano, guitar and harmonium. Zaynah has been combining her passion for technology and music through producing the music and videos on her YouTube Channel.


Zaynah enjoys a variety of sports including competitive chess, table tennis, soccer, track and field, and cricket. Zaynah ensures sports are an integral part of her life, and maintains an active lifestyle all year round. Zaynah plays sports both for school and community teams, and enjoys spending time being active.


Zaynah has been a volunteer in the community from the age of 8, and she continues to contribute her time and knowledge on a regular basis. Service trips in India and Pakistan, teaching emerging technology concepts to students in middle school, and helping seniors in the community are a few examples of Zaynah's service.